In the Moombaki kitchen/garden this summer …

Chilli Pepper Jelly

In the Moombaki kitchen/garden this summer …

Chilli Pepper JellyIt’s chilli time … so a great time to make a relish – fabulous with the Piri Piri BBQ’d Chicken, with eggs, stir-fried veggies – won’t last long around here.

My favourite tomato, the Black Russian, is once again in season. It has excellent texture and flavour, and is low in acid – YUM!

My other favourite thing this summer has been to make some version of spanish eggs … I take a small frypan (or a large on if there a few of us) and fry up any combination of red onions, garlic, zucchini, lebanese eggplant, or capsicum and a couple of tasty tomatoes (splash of sherry vinegar, pinch of salt, sugar & paprika – I like smoked, and cracked pepper). Once the veggies have softened I make a little well in the pan and crack in an egg (or two, or three), pop a lid on and a couple of minutes later …. the best brunch eggs ever. mmm – might have that for dinner.

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