wetlands-frogsYou’ve maybe noticed that we’re not your typical winery interested in the bottom line and percentages of profits (otherwise we’d probably have chucked it in by now!).

What we are about, is doing things in a sustainable way – as we have been for the last 14 years, long before carbon credits came into the popular vernacular.

At MOOMBAKI, we are supporting our own little ecosystem. Over the previous decade we have planted thousands of trees – which are now small forests filled with insect, bird and animal life – we have fenced off our river, and we are the proud guardians of our wetlands that support a migratory, breeding flock of spoonbills.

So you see, the vineyard is really part of our way of supporting the ecosystem, our way of life, and the ongoing health of our own bit of paradise.


wetlands-birdsThe wetlands form part of a tributary of the Kent River which flows down the west boundary of our property.

We see ourselves more as caretakers of this magnificent natural ecosystem, and always look at the farm from the perspective of needing to keep everything in balance so that this ecosystem can thrive.

The wetlands feature an island of paperbarks which protect the spoonbills from predators. For the previous 5 years these amazing birds have made this their home and during this time their numbers have grown from around 20 to more than 100. Arriving in spring, they build amazing twig nests in the paperbarks, lay a couple of eggs, and a few weeks later we are privileged to witness the younguns; fluorescent white, and wobbly of legs, being fed under a cacophony of warbling coos.