About Us


MOOMBAKI is a small, family run winery committed to making distinctive hand-crafted wines. The vineyard was established in 1997 by David Britten and Melissa Boughey on their property which borders the pristine Kent River (between Denmark & Walpole). A gentle north-facing slope, gravelly soils, and temperate climate all work their magic on low-yielding vines.

When we established the vineyard we had a 2 year-old, one on the way and another yet to be thought about. Now our boys are aged 15, 17 & 20 – what an amazing place to raise a family.

The Moombaki Family

Early Days

We moved here from Perth 20 years ago (Dave was in a family business and Mel was finishing her Fine Art degree at Curtin Uni). We were looking for a better lifestyle to raise our soon-to-be offspring, and we had grand plans of earning a living off the farm.

21 years after putting down our roots, we are pleased to say we live in a vibrant community in a growing tourism destination in which our cellar door is a unique feature. I don’t think we really understood just how much work this would be – putting in a few vines – and since we started the industry has been through some testing times. But we’ve hung in there and are pleased to be consistently making some pretty good wines off our block (we have been honoured with the highest possible Halliday Rating – 5 Red Stars). The wines have dedicated followers all over the place!

David Britten

is chief viticulturist, help musterer, and wayward philosopher! Oh, and on-premise manager! Back in 1997 Dave had the notion that it would be a great idea to grow some vines, that is, after much head scratching, checking out the seasons and soil type, working out what he would most like to drink and if it would grow here. His absolute dedication (some say he’s pedantic) has paid off (as has all that “research” with local winemakers and growers…)

In his spare time Dave also makes some beautiful dining tables and benches from local recycled timbers, which are the prized possessions of those pushy enough to get him in the shed.

Melissa Boughey

handles the day-to-day running of the business and cellar door, is called on for second-in-command pruning help, and is soccer mum to their three boys; Nelson, Oliver and Finn (is it no wonder she insisted on a female dog?).

She has embraced the farm life over the previous 20 years, especially the luxury of growing, harvesting and cooking from scratch, making the most of the natural environment and, now the kids are older, getting serious about her other career – being a painter.


Morriss Watson

Morriss arrived in our lives and made everything so much richer – great wine, fabulous stories about certain wine people (he was a viticulturalist in Margaret River from the 70’s!), and lots of overindulgence. He was always on hand to help out and gave advice freely (well, the wine and food did flow freely). He might not be with us anymore, but he is still in our hearts.

Family and Friends

There are many (and you know who you are) who have really helped (and continue to do so) when we’ve needed it:- when we’ve been broke (regularly); when the nets need to be put on; when we are having an opening; when we pick; when we’ve been behind with the pruning; and sometimes just spreading the MOOMBAKI word. It’s always appreciated!