How about a romantic sunset walk?

08 Oct How about a romantic sunset walk?

guinea fowlTwas a lovely evening, smelling of the spring, and I asked my darling spouse (that’s Dave) if he’d like to come for a walk. I suggested up the hill, but he preferred down the track to the vineyard. You’ve probably heard that once you have acres that the work is never done. Well, what did we find ourselves doing – on the hunt for any snails that might be taking cover at the base of any vines; of course. Up one row – found only 2, down the next row, 3. Should we put out some snail pellets? asked I. No, we can’t have that – we’ll just have to collect them and pour boiling water over them. Maybe it’s time to replenish the Guinea Fowl stocks . . .

Next time you have a bottle of MOOMBAKI, please enjoy your snail (and snail poison) free drop! See, it’s the little things that count. Next time I’ll suggest going to the beach for a walk . . .

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