Wine News & Feedback

Wine News & Feedback

Graffin20090226_194.CR2We are pleased to report that the 2007 reds are coming together beautifully, and best appreciated with a meal, giving the wines a bit of time to open up, and warm to a more palatable temperature (compared to our cool cellar!) I had a lovely man call through the week who was blown away by the 2007 Cab Blend, and wondering if he could find some in Perth close by (he was prepared to drive 40 minutes to La Vigna!) I just had to jot down when he said “you can taste the earth in it”. OOHH! I love it!

Some recent comments about the 2005 Reserve:

we are having a MOOMBAKI night; the 07 Chardonnay was great, but the 2005 Reserve was superb . . . it is just drinking beautifully, an outstanding wine

as soon as you let it sit for even 15 minutes or so was wonderful . . . terrific

“I tried this wine over the weekend……it was simply superb

Only 100 bottles of this wine left for sale, so if you were planning on squirreling a few away in your cellar you’d better get a move on.

PS. The Premium RED mixed cases have proved popular with 2 x 05 Reserve and 5 each of the 07 Cab Blend & Shiraz wines [$325] or try our Dinner Party 6 Pack [$180]

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