We’re back!

We’re back!


moombaki-rainbowThis is the sight that greeted us when we arrived home! It’s taken 2 weeks to try and get the routine happening again, and I’m glad we put in all the extra effort before we went away – ‘cos it’s a bit quiet in tourism traffic. Well, it IS wet! And cold . . . but hey, the first week back I met my exercise partners for the obligatory Monday morning Green’s Pool walk, run (well, a tiny run, okay?) and  . . . swim! Yes, no whoosies around here! It was certainly invigorating, and personally, I only went in because one of the girls brought Chai. Quite a change from the tepid waters in Indonesia, though . . . here’s a few highlights from our trip . . .

elephant-safari parkTime-out with Madame and baby elephant at Bali Safari Park.  Putting aside the extortionist fees to get in, the interaction with animals was something special, and a great, but tiring, day out!




jukung-Gili AirTaking the Jukung (fishing boat) from Amed to Gili Air. Anyone looking green? No that’s just Mum, taking the picture! It was quite an adventure taking a boat that fit the 5 of us quite snuggly across 18kms, crossing the Wallace line, across to Lombok. We spent 9 days on Gili Air, and with no cars, scooters, or dogs, it was a true break! We also hired a boat for a snorkelling day trip which took us around the 3 Gili islands and had a wonderful time swimming with turtles, a huge array of neon fish, and sighting some pretty speckly coral.

ubud-campuan ridgeWalking the Campuan Ridge, Ubud. It was hot, it was steamy; there was a fair bit of whingeing going on, but the scenery from this magnificent walk was well worth it.

local kids-Amed




Playing with the local kids at Amed, Bali. Well, they drove us nuts the first couple of days; young kids trying to sell necklaces at break-neck prices, every time you turned, or looked out to enjoy the view, a kid would pop up waving a necklace in your face. But after a while they remembered what being a kid was all about; playing with other kids, and making up games on the beach (unsupported by common language). A delight!

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