MOOMBAKI Re-roof the Shed Appeal for March!

MOOMBAKI Re-roof the Shed Appeal for March!

Welcome to the launch of the MOOMBAKI Re-roof the Shed Appeal for March!

Notice the rather unconventional air-conditioning and sky-lights in the shed? Well, you know how some jobs take longer to get to than others? The shed is one of those. We bought the tin to replace the roof 16 years ago, when we bought the property, but soon enough, the tin went to other uses, such as; turning the falling-down carport into a studio/cellar-door, fixing up the outside laundry, and making a new shed for the vineyard nets and tractor. That, of course, meant the old shed just had to wait, and just when we thought we had enough money, some new lot of bills come in. And considering we are bottling 1,000 + bottles of wine in the next few weeks, it’s pretty scary! So what to do? Sell loads of wine of course!

Hence, the MOOMBAKI Re-roof the Shed Appeal for March. And hopefully we’ll sell enough wine to pay for the bottling as well!

So, to twist your arm I wanted to offer you a $20 voucher that you could redeem at check-out (but my system needs upgrading to cope with this, and this costs money too – typical!) So I’ve taken the discount directly off the wine in the online shop for a very short time. So, if you buy a couple of cases you get $40 off!

Mmm, now should we do a prize draw as well? How about a couple of those delicious 2007 Reserve’s? Okay, now you’ve twisted my arm, every case order goes into the draw to win a 2007 Reserve 2-pack (free delivery within Australia).

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    Posted at 11:20h, 12 March

    Great offer Melissa, order placed.

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