Fleurieu Art Prize Finalist . . . Melissa Boughey

23 Oct Fleurieu Art Prize Finalist . . . Melissa Boughey

Our resident painter (that’s Me!) got a huge shock upon finding that she’d been shortlisted as a finalist for the Fleurieu Water Prize. How exciting eh? If you are on our mailing list you’d regularly hear me going on about our healthy wetlands and how we have to look after the whole system . . . well that has all been feeding into my art practice too, ‘cos I find that network of wetlands, tributaries, rivers & swamps pretty inspiring.

Then a few hours later I was hanging out the washing and Dave said “You’ve got another email from Fleurieu” which made me think they’d made a boo boo. But low and behold, another painting I’d entered had been shortlisted for the main Fleurieu Art Prize! I really can’t tell you how ecstatic that made me feel, just to get shortlisted. The funny thing was, I nearly withdrew my entries at the last minute because of a stress attack! Find some more work here.

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