Pruning & Tending the Vines

11 Oct Pruning & Tending the Vines

hail in the vineyardWe’ve been quietly going about our business the last few months and can report that we have conquered the pruning for another year! It’s one of those jobs that you just can’t rush, and sets up the vines for the next season. That has been closely followed by under vine mulching, and a couple of organic sprays to keep the vines in tip top shape.

We’ve had loads of rain, and a few people have asked what that means for the next vintage. Well, it means our dams are lovely and full, but it doesn’t have that much effect on the timing of the next vintage. That all comes down to summer & autumn sunshine and any rains in the last few weeks of ripening – we’ll keep you posted. We’ve had some ferocious hail too, but the young growth doesn’t look too bad off for it!

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