Early Christmas Wine + Help! The Mower Has Carked It!

Soxy in the long vineyard grass

Early Christmas Wine + Help! The Mower Has Carked It!

But there is just one problem (that we are willing to share with our Moombaki friends!) and that is the clapped-out mower! It does it pretty tough; the vineyard rows, up and down the driveway (lots of rocks and branches!) and around the house gardens and orchards. We keep coaxing it back to life but now it’s had it, and the grass is up to my thighs (great for hayfever!) Unfortunately a catalogue arrived in the mail and Dave has now been seduced by a shiny, new, tough one! And the only way to pay for a mower is to sell s_ _t loads of wine! It’ll have to be an arm-twister for our mailing list, so I’ve got a win-win situation happening . . .

We’ve taken a further $18 off per case for our current release wines, and our special mixed case. So you get great wine at an amazing price (think of all those Christmas Parties coming up), and we get happy mowing days – yay!

Go visit the Shop now – before you change your mind, or some annoying telemarketer calls and offers you horrible wine at an unbelievable price (think about how ecologically it was(n’t) made, how much love went into it (none), and the big headache the next day (ouch!) and say; Sorry, we only buy Moombaki!) Now’s a good time to grab a couple of cases and put one away for Christmas – YEP, hate to say it but it’s only 5 weeks away! FREE DELIVERY too. 2 weeks only – until 2nd Dec 2012.

cheers Melissa & Dave

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